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InTempo Software Inc. provides solutions to regional and local rental businesses, focusing exclusively on helping independent rental operators leverage their trade area, asset mix and customer relationships through technology.

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InTempo Software builds customized solutions for local and regional rental operators across equipment, tool, event and specialty markets. Its business management solutions Enfinity, RentalMan and CounterPro have powered rental companies for decades, going beyond technology, with an expert customer support team and active user groups. 

  • User community includes hundreds of rental system users in the United States and Canada who manage single and multiple locations
  • Combines Solutions by Computer with a segment of Wynne Systems to offer three of the rental industry’s most prominent business management technologies – RentalMan, Enfinity and CounterPro – as desktop, mobile and cloud-based solutions
  • Users can leverage the insights of rental operators who, like themselves, serve regional and local markets and have developed best practices 

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