PROcru Dashboard Insights

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PROcru provides a solution for contractors for everyday challenges with both internal and external management. Efficiency paves the way to growth and increased cash flow, which means strengthening your bottom line. PROcru provides:

  • Customer relationship management system that tracked client the way you want or should
  • Estimating/proposal building and could provide auto bidding
  • Custom client insights for every proposal and job performed
  • Scheduling system for increased production and client communication and confidence
  • Provided phone app for labor time keeping and pushed production schedule to employees daily work load
  • Provides you with the direct costing tools using technology interfaces, phones/tablets
  • Provides a unique dashboard for what each employee needs for their responsibilities to the company
  • Programmable to send sales and schedule auto reminders to staff and clients for results and sales with unmatched communication
  • Allows you to know today what your gross profit is thru yesterday for the day, month, year
  • Provides decision makers with reports to run the business and know real time what is needed to make decisions
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