Part3 Collaborative Construction Workflow Platform

Part3, a cloud-native platform with collaborative workflows and data-rich insights, allows architects and engineers to manage construction contract administration collaboratively, unifying consultant teams.

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Part3 is a collaborative construction workflow platform that delivers efficiency and structure to prime consultants. Architects and engineers can effectively manage construction contract administration, while collaborating with consultants and standardizing efficient project delivery. The cloud-native platform enables its users to increase overall digital efficiency, standardize change management and unify consultant teams.

  • Unlimited construction contract documents (SI, PC, CD, CO, Submittal and RFI)
  • Standardized workflow of construction documents to facilitate, review and approve
  • Branded cover pages for each consultant document
  • Interactive document markup tool
  • Project Dashboard, which displays project overage, cycle time, document counts and days added to project timeline
  • Intuitive content search and filter
  • Distribution of documents via email
  • Notifications of project activity
  • Unlimited storage for archived projects
  • Unique pricing model that allows unlimited seats
  • Ability to post and view comments from consultants
  • Access to Part3 web app on any device
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