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3D Lift Plan features an improved interface and features that make it easier to use the crane lift planning program as a sales tool, for bid proposals, crane selection and setup, lift planning and documentation.

  • WebGL technologies now enables display of 3D content in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers
  • Ground bearing calculations can now be made for steel mats with an option for layering steel mats over timber
  • Printouts of the crane mats in lift plan now display corresponding images of steel mats instead of wood when steel mats are selected
  • Provides greater control of planning for unique lifting scenarios
  • New rigging configuration enables calculation of sling angles and tension
  • Sketch Pad allows users to draw on screen using a finger to note lift location, crane setup location and other site-specific information
  • Crane Comparison allows users to compare up to 10 crane load charts at one time
  • Load Chart Viewer presents info from traditional load charts in a visual infographic presentation
  • Crane Load Calculator determines maximum outrigger loads for specific crane configurations without creating a full 3D Lift Plan
  • Mat Calculator allows users to select appropriate outrigger pads or crane pads for the allowable ground bearing pressure

A1A Software Expands 3D Lift Plan Features

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