Allplan Bridge 2020 Integrated 4D BIM Solution for Bridges

Parametric modeling, structural analysis and detailing in one model

Allplan Bridge 2020 Performing Structural Ananalysis

Allplan Bridge 2020 is a complete solution for parametric modeling, structural analysis and detailing.

  • Analytical model automatically derived from the physical model
  • All associated bridge elements, including the analytical model, adapt immediately when design changes are made
  • Uses a common parametric model for both structural analysis and detailing
  • Minimal time required for changes or variant comparisons greatly speeds up bridge design processes
  • Analyzes the defined construction schedule and sets up all necessary calculation definitions in an automated process, like load cases, element activations and calculation actions
  • User keeps full control of the generated items and result overview at any time of construction
  • Designed for the simplest operation and efficient workflows
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