Allplan Bridge 2020-1 Integrated 4D BIM Solution for Bridges

Parametric modeling, structural analysis and detailing in one model

Allplan Bridge 2020 1 Traffic Loads

The Allplan Bridge 2020-1 fully integrated 4D BIM solution now contains additional functions, such as calculating live loads and influence lines as well as code-based design and the exchange of analytical models.

  • Uses a common parametric model for structural analysis, design and detailing
  • Traffic loads can be automatically applied in accordance with the selected standard or a live load definition can be implemented that allows the user to consider any type of moving load
  • Influence lines calculated for each element and evaluated with the corresponding load train (vehicle) and results stored as an envelope
  • User can perform code-dependent design to determine the required reinforcement area (calculated or determined manually)
  • Analytical model can be uploaded to the cloud-based BIM platform Allplan Bimplus and transferred to other structural analysis solutions
  • Complex 3D parametric model can be displayed in as a  geometrical model with all details defined while modeling or the automatically derived analytical model can be reduced to the statically relevant components
  • Provides options to use the isolation box or to “hide objects from the view” to display only part of the structure
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