[VIDEO] Contractors Review Topcon's Technology Roadshow

Topcon's Technology Roadshow rolls the benefits of a trade show in a half-day technology conference for hands-on learning for professionals in construction, mapping, BIM, or surveying industries

The 53-ft. Topcon mobile solutions center is packed full of the architecture, engineering and construction industry’s latest and most innovative digital technologies. In the field the Technology Roadshow combines the benefits of a trade show and user conference into a half-day, hands-on learning environment. Professionals from Topcon will show you the complete scope of Topcon jobsite solutions that can help improve your workflow and productivity.

Topcon leverages live demos and classroom presentations with hands-on experiences to help you make a more empowered and informed buying decision. Whether you are in the construction, mapping, BIM, or surveying industries, the roadshow will have learning opportunities and industry experts on site to help answer your questions.

The Topcon Technology Roadshow welcomes contractors, engineers, precision farmers and mine or land surveyors, whether they're looking to adopt new technologies or just have a desire to know more about the dynamic technology landscape.

Each stop on the roadshow will include complete information about:

  • The latest tools and technologies available for the job site and office
  • The most accurate machine control systems in the industry, in action
  • The impact of field computer technology and geopositioning on project data, communication, and administration
  • The latest BIM layout and 3D solutions
  • Complete job site solutions that maximize productivity and fit any size business model
  • The latest in precision agriculture technology
  • High accuracy aerial mapping solutions

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Can’t find an event in your area? Go to the roadshow request form here and Topcon will alert you when a roadshow stop heads to a location near you.