Contractors' Top 50 New Products: 50 Reasons to Feel Positive

Contractors' picks for the 50 most interesting construction machines of the past year reflect a search for more sophisticated technology to create a more efficient and productive future

2013 Top50 Contractors Award W 11130535

Unveiling the recipients of the Contractors’ Top 50 New Products award is always exciting. Winners are selected from new products featured in Equipment Today magazine and on over a year. We narrow down the list of hundreds of candidates by looking at the number of times readers inquire about the products, as well as the web page views.

What I find intriguing about this process is how the types of products most meaningful to construction businesses continues to evolve. Interest in more sophisticated equipment continues to increase — indicating the construction industry is looking to technology for a more efficient and productive future.

See this year's winners below. Click the links to view descriptions, access brochures, spec guides, videos and offer your own thoughts on the Contractors' Top 50 picks.



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