Attachment Guide: Tracks, Couplers & More

Here are tools to help increase the versatility of your construction equipment fleet.



The Add-A-Stick is available for installation on all major hydraulic excavators in the 30,000- to 250,000-lb. class.

  • Lengths from 8 to 26 ft.
  • Custom designed to meet specific application
  • Manufactured with A-514 T-1 steel
  • Small excavators can be transported with the stick installed

L & G Products Company, Inc.

F-Series Track

The over-the-tire F-Series tracks offers a wide range of traction applications for mid-size skid-steer loaders up to 120 hp with 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 or 15.50 tires.

  • Durable 4-in.-wide hammer-forged, self-cleaning steel pads
  • Threaded dura pins for long life and easy replacement
  • Provides optimal pad-to-ground contact for maximum flotation, while decreasing rutting and ground compaction
  • Turf-friendly beveled edges

Loegering Mfg. Co.

NOX Tilt-Rotator

Because it has no tilt cylinders, the NOX tilt rotator system is suitable for standard excavation work, as well as use in narrow working areas.

  • Less height and higher breakout force achieved due to the use of an elliptic rotary actuator for the tilting action
  • ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) increases main body strength
  • Integral braking system and interior gear/worm gear run in a constant oil bath
  • Models offered in four sizes for excavators from 3 to 32 tonnes

Kinshofer North America

LiteFoot ATV Track System

Mattracks has added the LiteFoot XL and LiteFoot HD model series to its product lineup.

  • LiteFoot XL entry level all-terrain ATV track system features many of the same components used on other LiteFoot track systems on a durable structural steel frame
  • LiteFoot HD for heavier UTVs delivers a 4,200-lb. GVWR, plus offers XT and M3 tread options, heavy-duty components, a beefed up suspension, steel drive sprocket and metal hub wheels



The Extendavator is available in lengths from 4 to 50 ft. in six weight classes.

  • Possible to achieve over 100 ft. of ground reach on a 250,000-lb. machine
  • Allows use of buckets, hammers, grapples and universal processors without additional counterweight
  • Two-hour installation with no additional hydraulic valves required
  • Transportable with excavator
  • Custom-designed sticks available

Paul Wever Construction Equipment Co., Inc.

F Series Over-the-tire Bar Track

The F Series Over-the-tire Bar Track uses heavy-duty, contractor-grade components such as 1 1/4-in. hardened, field-replaceable bushings and 80,000 psi links to ensure durability.

  • Open side plates promote cleanout in the pivot area
  • Open cross bar design provides cleaning and exposes the tire to provide maximum traction, flotation and cleaning
  • 2-in. wide bars
  • Improved sidewall design for heavy-duty tires
  • Available for 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 15.5 size skid steer tires

Grouser Products

Wedgelock Coupler

The Wedgelock Quick Coupler features the I-Lock backup locking system, which engages the front attachment pin without requiring the operator to activate the main locking mechanism.

  • Built-in time-out re-engages the I-Lock if attachment is not removed in a timely manner after the coupler is unlocked to disconnect
  • Fits makes and models from 5,000-lb. compact excavators up to 200,000-lb. mine shovels
  • Low-profile design ensures optimum breakout force and power at the bucket tip
  • Pin center variations accommodated automatically

Norco Attachments, LLC

4000 Vibratory Ripper

The 4000 vibratory ripper is a direct pin-on attachment with engineered mounts for most makes and models of dozers up to 200,000 lbs.

  • Designed to work in applications in compacted soil, shale, limestone rock and coal
  • Vertical-mounted shaker creates a hammer chisel with the single blade for easier cuts through hard compact conditions
  • Keeps dozer balanced for pushing material without the need for extra counterweights
  • All components fabricated using high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel


Aftermarket Skid Steer Enclosures

Aftermarket Skid Steer enclosures add comfort and value to your machines with all-weather protection.

  • Include safety glass in the door, electric wipers and choice of hard or soft sides
  • Available for many different makes, both new and old

Sims Cab Depot Corp.