Sweeper Attachments Spotlight August 2009

Here is a sample of sweeping attachments available on the market.

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3-pt. Mounted PTO Driven Rotary Brooms


Worksaver, Inc. introduces the new Worksaver 3-pt. Mounted PTO Driven Rotary Brooms. The new rotary broom is designed for tractors with Category I, 3-pt. hitches. A double gearbox drive offers smooth power transmission and low maintenance, while a top T-Shaft gearbox allows for easy reversal of brush rotation. Other features include 32-in. diameter brushes in Poly or Poly/Wire, height adjustment chains and parking stands. The broom angles up to 30 degrees right or left with manual and hydraulic angle kits available. Optional features such as sprinkler systems and dirt deflectors are also available.


Worksaver Inc.

AA-Tach HD Sweeper


Schwarze AA-TACH HD Sweeper

  • Mount onto 3/4-ton pickup truck
  • High-dumping slide-in model
  • 22.5-hp V-twin Robin Subaru auxiliary engine
  • 2-yd. epoxy-coated collection hopper
  • 6-blade pickup fan
  • Sweeping head with trailing arm design
  • Skid plates with carbide inserts


Schwarze Industries, Inc.

AB Angle Broom


The AB angle broom features hydraulic angle adjustment that allows "on the go" angle changes for efficient cleaning and windrowing of material.

  • Float action allows for smoother operation and a decrease in broom wear over uneven surfaces
  • Tube-style brush delivers quick and simple brush replacement and longer service life
  • Tilt function allows +/- 4° of tilt to better follow the ground surface



Angle Broom Attachment


  • Sweep away dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris from roadways
  • Four models, three with fingertip controls of broom angle
  • Sweep flush to a wall or curb on the right side
  • Optional water kit available
  • Durable, easy-to-replace bristles
  • Compatible with Bobcat loaders, telehandlers, the Toolcat 5600 utility work machine, or compact loader backhoes
  • Bobcat Co.


Bobcat Co. - Doosan Infracore

CS Street Sweeper


This high-dump collector sweeper from Paladin uses a vacuum dust abatement system to reduce dust without bulky and awkward water systems.

  • Filters dust as small as 10 micron
  • Four casters and parallel linkage suspension allows the sweeper to follow ground contours independently of the carrier
  • For TLBs, telehandlers or wheel loaders
  • Hydraulic dump feature easily disposes debris into trucks or containers at the maximum lift height



Sweepster (By Paladin Construction Group)

Dedicated Street Sweepers


The Terramite TSS46 and TSS48 dedicated street sweepers feature 72- or 96-inch sweeping widths.

  • Bidirectional dual-drive motors with matching torque
  • Dual drive motors outlive single drive motors four to one
  • Variable broom speed
  • 100-gallon water supply
  • Heavy-duty frame and construction



Terramite / TerraQuip Construction Products, Inc.

EDGE Angle Broom


The EDGE Angle Broom cleans up just about anything anywhere. This attachment is an excellent tool you can use year round to assist in light snow or debris removal on sidewalks, parking lots and more. Brooms are available in widths ranging from 48 to 96 in. and hydraulic angle kits are also available.


CEAttachments Inc.



The Hedgehog broom attachment from Python is a skid steer attachment that can sweep all kinds of jobs from construction sites to parking lots. The attachment features parallel linkage allowing the broom to float at optimum pressure. An upright storage position protect the broom and allows for quick and easy attachment.



Python Mfg. Inc.

Model LB


  • Dual casters and rear pivot to follow contours of surface
  • Integral adjustable bucket baffle
  • Heavy-duty spline shaft hydraulic motor
  • 25-in.-diameter brush
  • 4- to 8-ft. broom widths
  • Over-the-top brush debris collection


M-B Companies Inc.

Predator Pick-up Sweepers


Predator Pick-up Sweepers

  • Parallel linkage and tri-caster stance
  • Hydraulic dump
  • Single hydraulic service operates all functions
  • 32-in. diameter brushes
  • High capacity container
  • 6-, 7-, and 8-ft. widths
  • All Attachments Inc.


All Attachments Inc.

Rotary Broom


This rotary broom from Champion Motor Graders offers 30 degree manual or hydraulic broom angle adjustment to each side.

  • 6-ft. length
  • 32-in. broom diameter
  • Poly bristles standard or optional wire or poly/wire available
  • Various mounting options
  • Champion Motor Graders


Champion Motor Graders

SSAB broom


The hydraulically driven Model SSAB skid-steer angle broom mounts directly to skid-steer quick-attach systems.

  • Available in 6-, 7- and 8-ft. widths
  • Angles 30° left or right
  • 32-in. convoluted brush sections with polypropylene, crimped wire or a 50/50 combination
  • Requires hydraulic system of 12 to 25 gpm and 1,800 to 2,250 psi


York Rakes

SweepEx Mega 720


The SweepEx Mega 720 broom attachment is build with a 72-in. long mainframe. Mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches (class 1 and 2) and skid steer pivots are available. The modular construction of the broom minimizes dust and flying debris.


TrynEx International