Concrete Attachments Spotlight May 2009

Attachments are helpful work site tools that allow you to stretch the capabilities of a host machine.

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The Curbcat concrete slipform curb and gutter attachment from Creative Equipment Design provides automatic control of grade and steering using sensors and stringline.

  • Hydraulic vibrators and cylinders powered by skid-steer hydraulic system
  • Quick, easy hookup and disconnect
  • Molds changeable in minutes
  • Easily transported via pickup or trailer


Creative Equipment Design

EDGE Concrete Placing Bucket


The EDGE Concrete Placing Bucket is designed to carry and place concrete with a skid steer in places concrete trucks cannot go.

  • Available in 1/2- and 3/4-cu.-yd. capacities
  • 30-in. chute extension available
  • Features include squared off corners and a backed-on powder coat finish
  • Hydraulically controlled dispensing door closes with a tight seal for accurate, multiple placements from the same load


CEAttachments Inc.

Gorilla Grapple


The heavy-duty Gorilla Grapple is designed to fit most skid steers to handle hurricane debris, large trees, brush, scrap and even crush concrete slabs.

  • Manufactured from high tensile 1-in.-thick steel with 400 BHN tips
  • Available in six- and 10-tine configurations


Sidney Manufacturing Co., LLC

HB1180 Hydraulic Breaker


The HB1180 hydraulic breaker attachment is in the 750-ft.-lb. impact energy class.

  • Internal design features fewer moving parts for reduced overall service time
  • Auto power feature serves as an automatic pressure regulator, plus limits excessive pressure at startup
  • Energy chamber diaphragm ensures constant nitrogen pressure with no periodic recharging required
  • Bob-Tach or X-Change attachment mounting systems


Bobcat Co. - Doosan Infracore

JRB VersaLoc Quick Coupler


The VersaLoc excavator quick coupler can handle hook widths from 9.75 to 17.18 in., and pin spreads from 13.7 to 16.6 in. up to 22.4 to 24.9 in.

  • Accommodate pin diameters from 60 to 110mm
  • Enable attachment changeout in seconds without leaving the cab
  • Lower offset and reduced weight allow more force to be available to the attachment
  • Pilot-operated check valve assures the cylinder is locked in the case of hydraulic pressure loss
  • Features a detent lock on the stick pin that retains the attachment


Paladin Heavy Construction

Portable Concrete Conveyor


This portable concrete conveyor is designed to attach to any front-end wheel loader with a 2.5-cu.-yd. capacity and larger that is equipped to accept attachments.

  • Operated from inside the cab of the machine using the hydraulic controls and the power of the wheel loader
  • Shown to place up to 300 cu. yds. of concrete per hour to the road grade using dump trucks hauling 11 cu. yds. per load
  • Can be detached from loader when no longer needed


E2 Systems, LLC

Side Grader


The Side Grader excavator attachment is designed to reduce sidewalk prep costs, while increasing productivity.

  • Utilizes Topcon technology to produce a finished grade within 3/16 in., enabling concrete forms to be set directly on
  • Depth of grade is guided by wheels rolling along the top of the curb
  • Sure Grip Controls multi-function joystick
  • Averages up to 2,000 ft. per day
  • Can be folded up for easy transport


Sidewalk Grading Systems, Inc.

SitePro SSGB-8 Grader Blade


The SitePro SSGB-8 grader blade is designed for asphalt, landscaping and concrete flatwork contractors.

  •  8-ft. six-way hydraulically controlled moldboard with 25° rotation/tilt
  • Features an in-cab remote, shear pin protection and a reversible cutting edge
  • Optional laser system controls


Worksaver Inc.