Material Handling Attachments February 2010

Find a variety of attachments to process, lift, load or carry materials on your construction sites.

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Adjustable Load Lifter


The adjustable load lifter has a rated capacity of 2 tons and allows you to adjust the lifter to fit your load.

  • Lifting bail adjusts to the correct center of gravity for balanced handling of different sized loads
  • Throat opening adjusts for different load heights
  • Fork spread is adjustable
  • Equipped with an auto-return bail to hang level when empty


The Caldwell Group Inc.



The original Brontosaurus land clearing and mulching attachment can be mounted on a 30,000-lb. excavator with 85 to 95 hp.

  • Excavator counterweight is replaced with a 115- to 185-hp turbo diesel engine to power the attachment
  • Auxiliary engine powers a Sunstrand hydraulic pump which supplies the Sunstrand motor on the mower
  • Engine and hydraulic controls for the motor install in the cab


John Brown & Sons Inc.

Brush and Tree Removal Attachments


Sneller Machine offers high-horsepower, self-powered brush and tree removal attachments for excavators.

  • No modification to the carrier required
  • Incorporate patented triple-sealed bearings and patented carbide teeth
  • Attachment engine supplies direct power to the cutting head
  • Larger models incorporate a 170- or 275-hp Cummins QSB engine
  • Smallest model has a Caterpillar C2.2 engine and also mounts to a compact track loader


Sneller Machine

Builtrite Skid-steer Grapple


The Builtrite skid-steer grapple can precisely pick and place boulders, logs, concrete barriers, etc.

  • 360° continuous rotation either direction
  • Wide jaw opening and grapple width for handling a variety of materials
  • T-1 steel tines
  • Universal skid steer bracket for multi-machine mounting
  • Selector valve for rotation and open/close function allows use with one additional hydraulic circuit


Northshore Mfg., Inc.

Clamp-on Bucket Forks


Worksaver clamp-on bucket forks are rated from 1,000 to 4,000 lbs. and lift is dependent upon the fork or loader capacity.

  • Usable fork length of 35 to 42 in.
  • Fork adjustment to any pallet width
  • All steel welded construction
  • Mount easily to most loader buckets without any tools
  • "T" handle design saves time when clamping and unclamping the forks
  • Extend 14.5 in. under the bucket and 8 in. inside the bucket


Worksaver Inc.

Concrete Barrier Grab


These Concrete Barrier Grabs are designed to quickly and easily place and remove concrete barriers with little or no damage to the barrier.

  • Completely hands-free operation with no need to attach and secure lifting chains or slings
  • Heavy-duty replaceable urethane lifting pads
  • Available in capacities from 4.5 to 7.25 tons
  • Able to handle barriers with a range of 6- to 12-in. nominal width at the top


Construction Lifters

EZ Spot Ur Rotating Attachments


The Ez Spot Ur attachments feature a 127° rotating base, allowing poles, boulders and trees to be set or barrels and containers to be easily dumped with complete control from inside the cab.

  • Over 13 interchangeable tool heads, including a rock and tree handler, pole setter, pot handler and barrel handler
  • Universal Skid Steer Quick'tach or customized adapter plate available


Ez Spot Ur Inc.

KwikAX Mulching Head


The KwikAX combines the fixed sharpened blades of the Timber Ax with the body design and forward rotation of the G2 Carbide Cutter.

  • 53-, 63-, 73- and 83-in. cutting widths
  • Can operate up to an 83-in. head on as little as 39 hydraulic hp
  • Rotates down in front for an aggressive feed rate
  • Can produce a very fine finished product by backdragging to reprocess material on the ground



Model RI Landscape Rake


The rugged Model RI landscape rake is compatible with Category 1 or 2 tractors over 35 hp.

  • 6-, 7-, 8- and 10-ft. widths
  • Quick-hitch compatible
  • Optional attachments include caster wheels, scarifier, grader blade and end boots
  • Hydraulic angle allows on-the-go angle changes


York Rakes

Pipe Grapples


These pipe grapples are designed to handle large- or small-diameter pipe.

  • Feature rugged Hardox steel in high wear areas
  • Available with quick coupler or pin-on configurations
  • Optional Diverter Valve can be included on the frame


M.C. Faulkner & Sons, Inc.

QC Excavator Grapples


The QC excavator grapples feature AR 400 steel tines for durability.

  • Designed for machines with quick couplers
  • Incorporate a five-tine design (two tines over three)
  • Reinforced solid box body
  • Mounting bracket with three working positions
  • Available for excavators in the 25,000- to 100,000-lb. range


Aim Attachments

Samurai Flail Mower


Available in 30-, 40-, 50- and 60-in. models, the Samurai excavator flail mowers can turn your excavator into a boom mower in minutes.

  • Cut up to 6-in.-diameter material (8 to 40 gpm)
  • Gear or piston motor available
  • T-1 steel construction with powder-coat finish
  • Pin or pin grabber mount


US Mower

Vacuum Lifters


Vacuworx vacuum lifters can handle material such as coated steel pipe, plastic pipe, concrete pipe, flat steel plate and concrete slabs.

  • Can be attached to a number of carriers, such as excavators, wheel or track-type loaders, cranes, pipelayers and forklifts
  • Models available from 3- up to 20-tonne capacity and more


Vacuworx International

Vertical Arm Pipe Grapple Fork


The Vertical Arm Pipe Grapple Fork will clamp pipe for secure handling to maximize safety and efficiency.

  • Available for various size wheel loaders
  • Dual clamp arms rise to a vertical position
  • Optional third tine for handling standard loads such as supply pallets, tanks and drums
  • Optional Poly-Lining on clamp arms to protect pipe from damage
  • Available in coupler and pin-on equipped versions


ACS Industries, Inc.