Compaction Attachments August 2008

Construction Equipment

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Attachment Compactors


Wacker Neuson offers two models of attachment compactors, which are controlled from the excavator and provide high compaction performance and depth.

  • 992-lb. WAV 40 (for excavators up to 20,000 lbs.) offers a 16.5" x 41" baseplate and produces up to 9,217 lbs. of centrifugal force
  • 1,323-lb. WAV 60 (for excavators in the 16,000- to 34,000-lb. range) has a 25.2" x 46.5" baseplate and produces up to 15,737 lbs. of centrifugal force
  • Eccentric rotator axis provides better handling characteristics with an extended reach and optimal guidance


Wacker Neuson Corporation

Compaction Wheel


Kenco compaction wheels feature a unique design that mixes the soil as it compacts.

  • High-strength steel spoked rims
  • Self-cleaning capabilities
  • Available for all trench sizes from 4 to 60 in.
  • Quick-connect models available
  • Removable mount with pins and a soil leveling plate
  • Standard sheepsfoot style with hex pad and wedge pad wheels available


Kenco Incorporated

Compaction Wheels


These excavator or backhoe compaction wheels provide a fast, efficient method for compacting backfilled trenches.

  • SF Sheepsfoot for cohesive and well-graded soils
  • TF Tamper Foot for granular soils
  • EX Solid Drum delivers more impact area in all soil types
  • Self-cleaning design made of high-strength, weight-saving alloy steel
  • No need for hydraulics


Rockland Mfg. Co.

DCS6000 Trench Compaction Plate


The DCS6000 compaction plate extends down to 36 in. below the surface into trenches.

  • Dual counterweight design delivers 6,000 lbs. of true vertical compaction force directly into the trench
  • 2,100-vpm frequency
  • Available in 16-, 18- or 24-in. widths
  • Attaches to any skid steer equipped with a quick attach
  • Flow control valve controls flow to 16 gpm to ensure correct vpm and force



Diamond Compaction Wheels


The Diamond Compaction Wheels are suited for use on backhoes, excavators, skid steers and compact excavators.

  • Require no special hydraulics or systems for power
  • Come in widths from 4 to 72 in. in sheepsfoot or wedgepad styles
  • Engineered to withstand impact and thrust loads applied
  • Include Rexnord "Triple" seal bearings, rockguards, OEM mounts, pins and leveling plates


American Compaction Equipment Inc.

EDGE Vibratory Rollers


EDGE vibratory rollers can compact everything from clumpy, clay-type material to dirt, sand, gravel or backfill.

  • Smooth or padded drums
  • Scraper design prevents buildup
  • Motor mounted outside the drum
  • Heavy-duty belt drives the exciter located in the drum
  • Available in 73- and 84-in. sizes


CEAttachments Inc.

HC 920 Compactor Attachment


The 1,600-lb. HC 920 hydraulic compactor attachment features FAG bearings, a Permco motor and Lord shock mounts for greater performance and durability.

  • Delivers a 16,000-lb. impulse force and 2,200 cycles per minute
  • Accepts maximum hydraulic flow of 30 gpm at 2,200 psi
  • Suitable for carriers in the 9- to 20-metric-ton weight class
  • 28" x 40" plate formed from a single piece of extra-thick stock


Atlas Copco Construction Tools LLC

Ho-Pac Model 500


The Ho-Pac Model 500 features 30% more impact energy, a four-function valve and oil splash bearing lubrication.

  • For use on mini-excavators, rubber-tired backhoes and trenchers with backhoe attachment
  • 12-in.-wide baseplate
  • Compacts 2- to 4-ft. lifts and operates with 3,940 lbs. of impulse force at 2,000 cycles per minute
  • Three motor options (9, 14 and 18 gpm)


Allied Construction Products

Hydra-Pak Models


The KHP 35, KHP 65, KHP 135 and KHP 210 incorporate rubber shocks to absorb vibration and protect the carrier boom, as well as a cross-over check valve to protect the motor.

  • Available with an OEM bolt-on top cap
  • TLB version offered with the Switch-Hitch side plate mounting system
  • KHP 35 features a 12-in. footprint for use in narrow trenches
  • Pro-Pak includes hose whips, mounting hardware and operating manual


Kent Demolition

OAC100 Plate Compactor


The OAC100 boom-mounted hydraulic plate compactor is designed for mini-excavator applications.

  • 300-lb. working weight
  • 3,150-lb. impulse force
  • Hydraulic flow capabilities up to 10 gpm
  • 12" x 30" plate


Okada America

PAC Series Plate Compactor Attachments

The PAC Series of plate compactor attachments from Doosan Infracore are designed for carriers from 3,000 to 60,000 lbs.

  • Oversized eccentric transmits vibrations through the baseplate into the soil
  • Isolators ensure vibrations are not transmitted to the carrier boom
  • Fully enclosed bearings do not require greasing
  • Integrally mounted baseplate and eccentric housing
  • Seven models available including side- and top-mount versions
  • Operating pressure of 2,300 psi
  • Maximum back pressure of 100 lbs. per square in.


Doosan Infracore America Corp.

Pull-type Vibrating Compactor


This 18-ton pull-type vibrating compactor is available in padfoot or smooth drum models.

  • Vibration frequency varies with the amount of oil sent from the tractor
  • 58.4 tons of compacting force (vibrating force plus machine weight)
  • Amplitude of .071 in.
  • Padfoot drum measures 79 in. wide by 72 in. high
  • 2- to 5-mph working speed


Miskin Scraper Works, Inc.

Skid steer compaction wheels


These compaction wheels turn your skid steer into a self-propelled compactor.

  • Rim diameters of 26 to 52 in.
  • Widths of 4 to 72 in.
  • Can be attached to Bobcat blanks or other quick-coupler designs for quicker exchanges between attachments
  • Sealed roller bearings for increased life and trouble-free maintenance


Action Equipment Systems Inc.

Stehr Hexagonal Plate Compactors


The 650-lb. SBV 60 H and 2,400-lb. SBV 120 HF incorporate hexagonal bottom plates that can easily reach every ground spot without a rotating motor.

  • Suitable for excavators from 2.5 to 30 tons
  • Deliver 60 KN (6 tons) and 120 KN (12 tons) of centrifugal force
  • 60-Hz vibration frequency
  • Require 13.2- and 17.2-gpm oil flow
  • Dual counter-acting eccentric shafts deliver 100% vertical compaction force


Stehr/Mountain Valley Equip.

Vibratory Rollers


The Worksite Pro vibratory rollers are available in three widths ranging from 66 to 84 in.

  • Provide up to 9,370 lbs. of dynamic force
  • Suitable for compacting sand, gravel, soils and asphalt
  • Hydraulic drives are protected and isolated
  • Adjustable steel scraper blade between the frame and drum
  • Available in smooth and pad foot drums