Volvo New Generation Hammer-less Bucket Tooth System

Aimed at Volvo’s larger excavators and wheel loaders, the new generation Volvo Tooth System features higher penetration and an easy ‘hammer-less’ fitting system

Volvo Press Release2019 April09 04

Volvo's premium tooth system is designed to be more wear resistant and easier to fit thanks to a hammer-less pin design. The tooth system is offered for wheel loaders between L60 to L350 and excavators from the 14 tonne capacity up to the 95 tonne capacity.

  • Low profile design for Volvo Press Release2019 April09 05greater penetration and higher bucket fills
  • Smooth surfaces in critical areas
  • More self-sharpening design to help reduce fuel consumption
  • Locking system with reusable locking pin
  • Auto-tightening effect once fitted
  • Protected welding
  • Stronger adaptor nose
  • Teeth and adaptors matched to the specification, size and model of machine
  • Three types of tooth available for wheel loaders: general purpose, abrasive material and rock; three types of adaptor available
  • Five types of tooth for excavators: general purpose, abrasive material and rock, pick point, twin pick and spade nose; two adaptor types plus optional mechanical wear cap available

This video from Volvo shows how the adapter system works:

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