Hydraulic Breakers Couple Quieter Operation with Increased BPM

Hydraulic capacity of the carrier matched to the breaker to ensure consistent performance

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The hydraulic breaker attachments deliver maximum efficiency by matching the hydraulic capacity of the carrier to the breaker, allowing consistent performance.

  • Auto Power automatically regulates pressure throughout operation and limits excessive pressure at startup
  • Energy chamber keeps the nitrogen pressure constant with no periodic charging required
  • Breaker cradle features a cylindrical design to improve access to jobs in confined areas
  • Steel ring system retains the tool bushing and protects the grease access, and provides for quick tool changes
  • Upper and lower shock absorbers isolate the breaker from the housing for reduced noise and vibration
  • Bob-Tach and X-Change attachment mounting systems
  • Ease of service facilitated by only 12 main service parts, an internal power cell with fewer moving parts, hose guard, go/no-go gauge and a single lower bushing that is easily replaceable on the job
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