Vacuworx H Model Hydraulic-powered Vacuum Lifting Systems

Hydraulic-powered models offer the same performance as diesel versions but with lower operating costs

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The "H" model hydraulic-powered vacuum lifting systems offer the same performance of diesel-powered systems with no fuel requirements and fewer moving parts, resulting in lower operating costs.

  • Available for the MC 5 and all RC Series vacuum lifting systems
  • Attach easily to excavators and backhoes with a dedicated auxiliary hammer circuit, with or without a coupler system, and utilize the hydraulic system of the host machine
  • Produce near-zero noise and emissions, allowing use on construction sites within city limits or with strict emission guidelines
  • Weigh less than diesel models, allowing further reach and greater total lift capacities
  • Feature wireless remote operation from the cab of the carrier and 360° rotation to position materials without the need for tagline operators on the ground
  • 11,000-lb.-capacity MC 5H lifter suited for use on compact host vehicles such as wheel- or track-type loaders and excavators for lifts with lower weight specifications and smaller material sizes
  • RC Series models handle materials from 22,000 to 44,000 lbs. in conjunction with large-capacity host carriers, and come with a double set of lugs to accommodate single or double vacuum pad arrangements
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