Rotobec Rail Grapples

Customized attachments for rail handling applications and more

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Specifically designed to handle rail ties, the Rail Grapples come with Rotobec’s RT rotations, which have a standard 360° rotation, fully supported pinion gear and are fully sealed.

  • Loose Tie Grapple for loading and unloading ties by the rail side is a modified version of the Combination Grapple
  • 5805RA grapple for handling rails, ties and tie bundles has edges modified to pick up two or more ties at a time and is able to bypass, allowing use in a variety of applications
  • All models come equipped with high-pressure cylinders and a bolt-on head for easy maintenance
  • Standard oversized, chromed and hardened pins and interlocking head structure
  • Strengthening ellipse added to the jaws of the Loose Tie Bundle
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