3 Tips to Maintain Vibratory Rollers and Keep Them on the Asphalt Mat

Don't let your asphalt rollers take a pounding. These quick tips can help keep them on the move and on the mat.

The water system is an essential component of asphalt rollers. Regularly inspect filters and check to make sure water is getting where it’s needed.
The water system is an essential component of asphalt rollers. Regularly inspect filters and check to make sure water is getting where it’s needed.
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Because they are relatively low-maintenance machines, vibratory rollers have a tendency to be neglected. Yet, the potential costs associated with a roller going down on a hot mat can be severe.

The article “Don’t Let Your Rollers Take a Pounding” details many of the steps you can take to keep asphalt rollers steadily on the move on your mats. Here are just three of the key points highlighted.

Daily Inspection and Service

Daily service checks of rollers are essential to keep rollers working properly. Because the engine and hydraulics are the two major systems that keep a roller operating, at minimum, check engine oil and coolant levels and replace the air filter if the light is on. Also check hydraulic and fuel filters and visually inspect external hardware for loose connections or leaks.

Other areas to monitor include: grease points, engine oil level, engine coolant levels, engine belts, the cleaning fan, the crankcase breather pipe, the air filter vacuum valve

Maintain Drums to Protect the Mat

The vibratory system housed within the drum(s) of a vibratory roller is typically designed to be self-maintaining. But that doesn’t mean the drums can be ignored.

Make sure the drums are clean and have not been damaged. If using a single-drum vibratory roller, make sure there are no problems with the tires and that the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure.

One of the biggest contributors to mat damage actually stems from neglect of the drum scraper bars. Check scraper bars regularly for proper adjustment and excessive wear, and replace them as needed.

Keep the Water Flowing

One of the most common maintenance concerns with asphalt rollers is debris in the water system, which can cause nozzles to clog and pumps to fail. Some signs of failure or impending failure are a leaking water system hose connection and/or the filter cup is filled with sediment or dirt. Operators may also note poor water flow even when the system is turned up to the highest pressure setting

To maintain proper flow, it’s important to keep the initial filter screen on and clean and to check all water system filters on a regular basis. Fill the water tank daily and clean water filters every 250 hours or as needed/recommended.

Regular checks should also be made to ensure water is reaching the areas where it’s needed. Make sure the nozzles in the water system are adjusted properly so they’re distributing water all the way across the drum.

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