Dynapac CP1200W Pneumatic-Tired Roller

Dynapac Cp1200 W Pnuematic Roller
Dynapac Fayat Group Red Black Final

The new Dynapac CP1200 pneumatic-tired roller features a flexible steel ballast is distributed evenly between tires for consistent ground pressure between the front and rear tires.

  • Spacious platform, ergonomic controls and a rotating, sideway-sliding seat and steering assembly
  • Tier 4 Final compliant engine
  • Dual-circuit braking system maintains full braking effect even if one circuit is disabled
  • Can be equipped with a cab with Automatic Climate Control
  • Compacting width of 5.77 feet and maximum operating weight of 26,400 pounds
  • Optional temperature sensor and DCA-A analyzer can play back the rolling pattern and produce a printout of all relevant information
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