HAMM HP 100i

Hamm has developed the HP 100i articulated pneumatic-tire roller based on the internationally successful HD+ series.

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pneumatic-tire roller HP 100i

Especially for the North American market, Hamm has developed the HP 100i articulated pneumatic-tire roller based on the internationally successful HD+ series. The new HP 100i pneumatic-tire roller is optimally equipped for the requirements of chipseal. The operating weight can be varied between 13,227 lbs (6 t) and 22,046 lbs (10 t).

Good visibility

For optimum visibility, the seat operating unit can be rotated 90° to the left and right. In addition, there is a good view of the tire edges from the cab. For the cab version, a camera for monitoring the rear space is also available as an option. For operation on public roads, HAMM offers a lighting package that is adapted to national specifications. It can be supplemented with 4-way work spotlights, available as halogen lights or as high-power LEDs, and by LED tire lighting.

Intelligent driving control and safe steering

The working speed of the roller can be steplessly increased up to 11.8 mph (19 km/h), while an intelligent travel control system supports smooth and precise reversing behind the paver. Anti-slip control (ASC) is also available as an option for improved traction on rough terrain. The steering provides an extra layer of safety: Thanks to a steering angle sensor and the associated speed control depending on the steering angle, the speed is automatically reduced during fast cornering. The operator can then conveniently return to the preset speed at any time via a rocker switch on the driving lever.

Fuel savings as standard

The HAMMTRONIC machine control system also guarantees energy efficiency in the on-board load management. It reduces the engine speeds in such a way that maximum power is always called up while fuel consumption remains low. The optionally available engine stop system, which automatically shuts down the engine during prolonged inactivity, also ensures low fuel consumption and low operating hours.

Easy service

For maintenance, all service points are quickly and easily accessible. The scrapers on the pneumatic tires are also easy to change. HAMM has developed an innovative solution for changing the center tire: This can be quickly replaced via a folding and sliding mechanism without dismantling the other tires.

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