Weber MT Offers New Vibratory Tamper and Soil Compactor

SRV 660 vibratory tamper from Weber MT features new air filtration system.

BANGOR, ME - Vibratory tampers must be built tough for daily use at the construction site. Rugged and durable products that deliver a high compaction output are in demand.

Weber MT puts particular emphasis on manufacturing precision and quality in tamper production. For example: the guide cylinders are protected by a wear-resistant and ceramic-like "HARD-COAT" coating, and the active oil lubrication ensures that all components in the crankcase are reliably oiled. Details such as the block impact protection and the carrying handles and rollers for an easy transport are standard on the Weber MT tampers.

The range of products comprises two models with 4-stroke gasoline engine and one model with diesel engine. This winter, a new model in the larger weight and performance class will be offered - the SRV 660 vibratory tamper (operating weight 165 lbs). It will replace the previous type SRV 66.

The SRV 660 will introduce a three-stage air filtrationsystem consisting of a cyclone pre-cleaner, a newly developed main filter and, for additional security, the air filter of the engine manufacturer. This new filtration system will extend the service life of the Subaru EH 12 4-stroke engine - even in dusty conditions.

In addition, the user of the SRV 660 will benefit from improved operating characteristics. This means the tamper will provide ease of operation with minimum effort and is thus fully controllable at all times.

The low hand/arm vibrations will reduce the operator's exposure through the guide bar and thus reduce the risk of developing bone and joint complaints or circulatory problems of the hands.

CR 5 Soil Compactor
The new CR 5 reversible soil compactor provides ideal compaction output wit its reliable and rugged design along with operating comfort. With this machine, Weber MT makes earthworks more economical.

The new version of the CR 5 reversible soil compactor has been designed for optimum compaction of almost all materials encountered, such as sand, gravel and crushed aggregates. It is also ideally suited for the compaction of interlocking paving stones. Utilizing a new setting of the machine parameters, the soil compactor features better operating characteristics, running qualities and an improved climbing ability. Additionally, the compaction force has been increased considerably. And, due to variable working width, the new soil compactor offers flexible and universal application possibilities.

For the user, the CR 5 provides operating comfort thanks to the low-vibration guide-bar. Hand/arm vibrations have been reduced considerably for comfortable and fatigue-free work. The guide-bar is adjustable in height and can thus be adapted to any operator's height.

Furthermore, less noise is produced by a low-noise version of the Hatz 1B30 Diesel engine.  The reversible starter, flywheel and exhaust muffler have all been modified, leading to a noise level approximately 3 dB(A) below that of the standard engine. Finally, the new CR 5 with infinitely variable shift system for forward and reverse travel features an additional cyclone pre-filter for air cleaning - considerably increasing the durability of the engine.

The standard version of the CR 5 (618 lbs) is equipped with a Hatz Diesel engine with reversible starter. Additionally, versions CR 5 E (656 lbs) with electric start and CR 5 Hd (600 lbs) with Honda gasoline engine are available. All three models deliver an output of 10,150 lbs. The working width of 22 inches can be easily extended to 28 inches by means of extension plates.

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