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Wacker's two-cycle rammers with the advanced injection system (AIS) are powered by the exclusive WM 80 engine with AIS. This is the only engine on the market designed specifically for rammers and to withstand rough rammer applications. Features include 65 hours of run time on a tank of oil, 120:1 fuel/oil ratio, low engine oil shutoff, no spark plug fouling and carbon buildup, lower poisonous carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, faster engine warmup, long shoe stroke, increased blows per minute, faster travel and more. Rammers with AIS are lightweight, offer a low center of gravity with no mechanical governor or used oil to dipose of. Three models of Wacker's two-cycle models are available with AIS. The 131-pound, BS 50-2i, the 145-pound BS 60-2i and the 164-pound BS 70-2i offer reduced hand-arm vibration, integrated fuel valve and throttle lever for simple operation and easy starting, and optimized weight balance which lowers the center of gravity for easy operation.

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