GPX Vibratory Plate Series

MBW GP18 Vibratory Plate Compactor
MBW GP18 Vibratory Plate Compactor

The 129- to 143-lb. GP12, GP15 and GP18 have a patent-pending suspension system that reduces hand/arm vibration and better isolates all upper mass components from vibrations.

  • Deliver amplitudes up to .057 in., centrifugal force up to 2,070 lbf. and travel speed to 75 fpm, and can achieve lift depths of up to 10 in.
  • One-piece exciter with self-cleaning open baseplate design
  • Choice of Honda GX120, Subaru Robin EX13 or Briggs 550 engines
  • Optional lift cage , transport wheel kit and neoprene paving pad for placing interlocking paving stone/brick/block