Six Models Included in Hyundai Series 9 Compaction Roller Line

Single- and tandem-drum rollers combine maneuverability, productivity and comfort

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The Series 9 compaction roller line includes four single-drum models (HR70C-9, HR110C-9, HR120C-9 and HR140C-9) designed primarily for soil and aggregate compaction and two compact tandem-drum models (HR25T-9 and HR30T-9) designed primarily for asphalt paving and maintenance. All six models offer 360° visibility for the operator.

Engines and other components are easily accessible, thanks to the wide opening engine hood that provides 270° front and side access. The low-maintenance articulated joint features Teflon wear shells on all bearings to eliminate the need for frequent greasing. The vibration systems are designed for long life and reduced maintenance requirements.

Single-drum Models

  • Offer dual frequencies and amplitudes, smooth drum or optional padfoot kit and Perkins (HR70C-9) or Deutz engines
  • HA control delivers continuous tractive effort at the axle and drum for automatic adaptation to various soil types and conditions
  • Power ranges from 84 to 140 hp
  • Operating weight (smooth drum) ranges from 15,652 to 30,644 lbs., with drum widths from 67 to 83 in. and 45° to 50° gradeability without vibration

Compact Tandem-drum Models

  • HR25T-9 has an operating weight of 5,400 lbs.  and drum width of 40 in., while the HR30T-9 has an operating weight of 6,600 lbs. and drum width of 50 in.
  • Achieve maximum gradeability of 35° without vibration
  • 30.2-hp Deutz D 2011 L2 I diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic drive and hydrostatic vibration system at both drums
  • Front and rear scrapers keep the drums free of material buildup
  • 55-gal.-capacity water spray systems with operator-adjustable sprinkling intervals
  • Standard ROPS roll bar, automatic vibration mode (double/single vibration), spring-loaded brakes on both drums, manual emergency stop switch with touch-sensitive switch at the seat, spring-mounted driver's compartment, four headlights, driver's seat with arm rests and safety belt and lockable dashboard
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