Dynapac CA1400 Soil Roller

Due to the small size and exceptional maneuverability, this roller is also well suited for compaction on large building foundations and industrial construction sites as well as cramped spaces in connection with refilling work

Dynapac Ca1400 D Worksite 18 Side
Dynapac Fayat Group Red Black Final

The Dynapac CA1400 soil compactor is a vibratory roller designed for compaction operations in streets, parking lots and pipe trenches.       

  • Compaction width is 66-in. and static linear load 20 kg/cm, giving the machine the ability to compact sand and gravel down to 20 in
  • Two amplitudes, high at 0.067 in. and low at 0.032-in., makes the machine versatile and suited for all supporting and reinforcement courses
  • The Padfoot version is especially suitable for the compaction of silt and clay soils and can compact silt and clay at a depth of 18 in.
  • Kubota Stage Tier4 final engine at 75 hp, latest emission standard and ECO is standard        
  • The ergonomically designed operator’s station, with standard roll over protection bar (ROPS), offers a high level of operator comfort and good visibility over the work area and surroundings

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