Caterpillar Production-Class Tandem Vibratory Rollers

The new models are the CB13, CB15 and CB16. New nomenclature corresponds to the 13 ton, 15 ton and 16 ton weight classes that they reside in.

Cat Cb13
Caterpill 10210679

Caterpillar Inc. announces the addition of the CB13, CB15, and CB16. New nomenclature corresponds to the 13 ton, 15 ton, and 16 ton weight classes that they reside in.

  • These models can be equipped with an oscillatory vibration system for excellent application versatility and offer refinements to the operator controls, water spray system, service access and lighting packages
  • Pass-count and temperature mapping systems combine infrared temperature sensors with GPS mapping to keep the operator informed of current mat temperatures, machine position, pass-count and pass coverage. This intuitive system greatly enhances nighttime rolling pattern performance, and records information for future process analysis and quality control documentation. When combined with drum edge and drum surface lighting, Cat Compaction Control helps extend the workday and increase daily production by optimizing jobsite awareness in low-light conditions
  • “Machine to Machine” communication is another technological enhancement that improves job site efficiency. The system helps keep rolling patterns in sync by sharing mapped data such as CMV, temperature mapping, coverage area and pass-count maps between the displays of multiple machines
  • Visibility and comfort are enhanced by the 360º seat positioning option that enables the operator to always face the direction of travel
  • Handwheel steering technology eliminates the front steering console, enabling the operator to easily monitor water spray performance
  • A simplified 8-button control panel provides efficient control and performance
  • These models feature a newly designed center-articulating hitch with 6 degrees of oscillation that ensures mat contact and a smoother ride over uneven surfaces
  • An offset hitch option extends coverage up to 6-in. and simplifies control next to obstacles such as curbs and gutters. It delivers excellent performance on longitudinal joints by pinching the edge with the lead drum and sealing the joint with the trailing drum
  • The Cat C4.4 engine rated at 142 hp comes standard with Eco-mode and automatic speed control, leading to uniform compaction, fuel savings and reduced sound levels to both operators and surrounding job site personnel
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