New Tadano President Toshiaki Ujiie Aims to Unite Company in Innovation

Tadano Ltd. announces that Toshiaki Ujiie will become the new president, CEO, and representative director to further the company's values of creating products that benefit society and contributing to the world’s development.

Tadano Group
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Tadano Ltd. announced that current President, CEO, and Representative Director Koichi Tadano will become the new chairman of the board and representative director, effective April 1.

As Koichi Tadano transitions into this new seat, Toshiaki Ujiie will be taking on the responsibilities of president, CEO, and representative director of Tadano, the position Koichi Tadano held for the past 18 years. Ujiie joined the company in April 2019 and holds the current position of executive vice president and representative director.

"In the midst of the coronavirus disruption, we are experiencing a severe situation in terms of our current business results," Koichi Tadano said. "However, Tadano is a company that overcomes challenges. Every time we do so, we emerge stronger and grow further.

"Also, Tadano is fast approaching an era of great change. For this reason, I now hand over the reins of the company to our new leader, Mr. Toshiaki Ujiie, whose abundant global business experience, combined with his formidable ability to conceptualize and execute, make him the right person for the job. In my new role as chairman of the board, I will do everything in my powers to support President Ujiie and contribute to the growth of the Tadano Group."

The entirety of the Tadano Group is comprised of approximately 5,000 employees with headquarters in Shikoku, and production in Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Ujiie said, "I am honored to receive the call of duty to lead such a company, and I will work steadfastly toward Tadano’s venerable goal of becoming number one worldwide in the lifting equipment industry. In recent times, as the world’s environmental challenges have received intensified focus, automobiles and construction machinery are becoming more and more electrified, automated and sustainable.

"Stories of massive transformation are the top news headlines every single day. At our current pace, Tadano faces the threat of being left behind, far from the leader’s position in our industry. As the seventh CEO of this company, I believe it is my calling to unite our diverse, global teams as one Tadano and together rise to the rank of a word-leading innovator."

Information provided by Tadano Ltd. and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.

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