Vertical Digging System

Leveling system allows excavators to compensate for slopes up to 27%

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Wacker Neuson's Vertical Digging System (VDS) for its compact excavators compensates for height differences on uneven terrain. The cab and boom can be tilted by up to 15° with the push of a button, compensating for slopes up to 27%. The excavator can then be used to dig more precisely in a vertical position, which speeds up excavation and backfilling work. Operators remain in an upright position, making it easier and more comfortable to operate.

  • Up to 25% time and material savings when excavating and backfilling
  • Up to 20% increased stability at full load
  • Optimized swiveling performance and dumping height
  • Especially suited for such applications as digging on embankments, straddling concrete curbs and digging in narrow areas
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