Caterpillar K Series Small Loaders

K Series delivers fuel savings of up to 30% compared with H Series models

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Caterpillar's complete redesign of the 924K, 930K and 938K small wheel loaders brings a completely new Z-bar loader linkage that replicates the functions of an integrated toolcarrier (parallel lift throughout the range, up and down, and consistent lifting forces throughout the lift range) and electronic control of hydraulic functions. Electronic control, with rotary sensors mounted in the linkage, tells the computer where the bucket is at all times, and allows the operator to program not only return to dig, but other critical positions in the production cycle. So one touch returns the buckt to digging position, to the carry position, and to dumping position, for example.

The new Intelligent Hydrostatic drive system puts control of direction and ground speed in the left pedal and engine deceleration in the right pedal. The operator can program any ground speed down to 1 mph using Creeper Control on the in-cab monitor and the machine will maintain that speed regardless of engine speed. Rimpull Control allows the operator to match maximum wheel torque to the underfoot conditions to limit wheel slip.

Redesigned cooling package pulls all air in through the rear of the machine (new engine compartment is otherwise sealed). All the coolers use six-fin-per-inch spacing to match the intake screen so any debris that goes through the screen can pass through the coolers.

  • Cat C6.6 ACERT Tier 4i engine cuts fuel use up to 30%, compared to H Series models
  • Fusion quick-coupler secures buckets regardless of pin wear, and holds the bucket close to the same geometry as a pinned-on bucket
  • Front-axle locking differential is standard equipment
  • Operator's station includes automatic climate control, heated air-ride seat (premium seat is also ventilated), remote-controlled mirror adjustment

Cat 924K, 930K, and 938K Loader Update (September 2014)

K Series Small Wheel Loaders with Hystat System

Brochure: Cat 924K, 930K, and 938K Loaders 

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