CASE Releases New Machines and Equipment Upgrades

The new lineup of CASE machines includes three new Construction King backhoe loaders, a new 5-tonne class mini excavator and an all-new, full-sized wheel loader.

The new lineup of CASE machines includes three new Construction King backhoe loaders, a new 5-tonne class mini excavator and an all-new, full-sized wheel loader.
The new lineup of CASE machines includes three new Construction King backhoe loaders, a new 5-tonne class mini excavator and an all-new, full-sized wheel loader.

CASE Construction Equipment has announced a range of new models and upgrades for construction and utility crews. The releases add versatility and maneuverability on machines ranging from backhoes to rough-terrain forklifts.  

“Labor shortages continue to shrink the workforce, while at the same time companies are challenged to work more productively and more profitably,” said Terry Dolan, vice president – North America, CASE Construction Equipment. “We geared our latest round of CASE innovations toward helping crews maneuver these challenges more effectively and efficiently than ever before.”  

The new lineup of CASE machines includes three new Construction King backhoe loaders, a new 5-tonne class mini excavator and an all-new, full-sized wheel loader. CASE is also launching new upgrades to existing machines, including maintenance-free emissions solutions and linkage improvements for compact wheel loaders and enclosed cab options for CASE H Series all-terrain forklifts.  

Backhoe Loaders

The two new CASE Construction King backhoe loaders offer side-shift capabilities, letting operators move the boom left or right for working parallel to walls or around obstacles. 

The new 97-hp CASE 580SV Construction King side shift and the larger, 110-hp CASE 695SV side-shift and 695SV center-pivot models are available, in addition to the N Series lineup. The new machines carry over many features from the N Series, like ProControl swing dampening, auto ride control and ECO modes for fuel savings, along with upgrades to maneuverability. 

“The new side-shift models take the legendary CASE Construction King capabilities to new frontiers, putting them smack dab into confined spaces and up next to structures,” said George MacIntyre, product manager – backhoe loaders. “With a hydraulic side-shift boom and vertical outriggers, these machines can get more done in tight spaces. They also let operators dig rectangular trenches without having to reposition.”  

The CASE 580SV side shift features a tool carrier design that promotes stability and material retention, while its side-shift configuration and narrow width caters to confined spaces. For big and tough jobs, the powerful CASE 695SV side-shift and center-pivot models feature a tool carrier loader arm, allowing them to do double duty as a wheel loader.  

Both 695SV models are equipped with 4WD, four-wheel steer and four equal-sized tires and include a PowerShift transmission. The expanded CASE backhoe offering is also compatible with numerous attachments. 

Case Cx50 D Mini ExcavatorCASE

CASE Mini Excavator

The all-new CASE CX50D mini excavator is a 5-tonne class machine, offering lifting capacity and digging performance. When it comes to attachment versatility, the new mini excavator powers a range of specialized attachments for various jobs. It comes standard with multifunctional hydraulics and a second auxiliary circuit, as well as an optional third auxiliary circuit for advanced attachments like tilt rotators and grapples. It also offers another optional dedicated auxiliary circuit to power mulchers. Crews can also take on material handling tasks safely with the optional Object Handling Kit that includes check valves on the boom and arm.  

The CX50D has an automotive-style cab, which comes with auto climate control with heat and A/C, Bluetooth radio, a five-way adjustable seat and a customizable LCD screen that provides data on the machine and attachments.  

Case 651 G Wheel Loader Hy8 A6358CASE

Full-sized Wheel Loader  

The CASE 651G wheel loader delivers a breakout force of nearly 24,000 lbs. and lifting capacity of over 16,100 lbs. to help teams plow through tough jobs. The new model also features a large hydraulic pump for increased cycle times, a curved bucket for material retention and a high hinge pin for dumping clearance.  

The full-sized wheel loader features a touchscreen display and adjustable electrohydraulic controls that allow the operator to independently set boom and bucket responsiveness to smooth, moderate or aggressive. Operators can weigh loads and track material moved with an integrated onboard scale. And with a variety of axle options to match jobsite conditions, they’ll be able to get traction performance.  

The cab features AC and heat, heated seats, Bluetooth radio and phone connectivity, as well as a rear sloping hood and optional backup camera for visibility.   

“When production demands on difficult jobsites require long days of uninterrupted work, operator comfort is key to productivity for the long haul,” said Neil Detra, product manager – full-size and compact wheel loaders. “We designed this new machine with operators top of mind to provide an experience that’s like taking your office to the jobsite.”  

Case 321 F Compact Wheel LoaderCASE

Compact Wheel Loaders

Updates to CASE F Series compact wheel loaders will help teams working in confined jobsites with new features that support visibility and control. An elevated driving position, curved glass in the cab and four-corner strobe lights promote visibility on the jobsite, while new Z-bar linkage upgrades let operators support breakout force. CASE 21F, 121F, 221F and 321F models also feature maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solutions that eliminate regeneration and diesel particulate filters.   

Control-enhancing features like parallel lift capabilities on CASE 21F and 121F models help keep loads stable and allow for visibility of the coupler during attachment changeouts. CASE 221F and 321F models combine auxiliary high-flow hydraulics and a creep speed mode to provide hydraulic flow at constant speeds for operation of attachments like brooms and snowblowers. All the models also feature LCD screens with simplified controls.  

Case 588 H Forklift With CabCASE

Cab Options for Rough-terrain Forklifts

CASE H Series rough-terrain forklifts offer construction crews and utility teams a versatile solution for lifting heavy loads in off-road environments. Now, a new factory-designed, built and installed enclosed cab option protects the operator from the elements and helps teams work in extreme conditions. Features include heat, AC, Bluetooth radio and USB charging ports.

The cab has wide doors that completely open, allowing for communication with crew and airflow. The cab also has an overhead roof window for visibility to overhead loads.  

These maneuverable machines feature zero tailswing for close-quarter jobsites and can travel from jobsite to jobsite with speeds up to 24 mph. They’re also customizable with a variety of mast options that can lift loads up to 8,000 lbs. as high as 22 ft. depending on the machine and mast.  

“With this latest launch of new machines and enhancements, we took the same approach to practical innovation that we’ve been taking for over 180 years,” said Dolan. “We listened to our customers’ needs today and looked to where we see the industry evolving, to help them meet their toughest jobsite challenges and improve their business.” 

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