Komatsu Extends Hybrid Excavator Line with 36-tonne HB365LC-3

100% electric house swing captures braking energy in an ultracapacitor, using it to accelerate the next swing and boost engine rpm from ultra-low idle to reduce fuel use up to 20%

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“The new 36-ton-class HB365LC-3 excavator is built for power and production first, with the considerable fuel savings an added benefit,” said Kurt Moncini, Komatsu America senior product manager. “We applied everything we learned when we debuted the HB215LC-1, the world’s first fully-electric hybrid excavator in 2011.”

Komatsu’s 100% electric swing system makes the hybrid system unique, and helps reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. The electric swing motor captures swing deceleration energy that would normally go unused, and stores it in an ultracapacitor, which provides energy to accelerate the next swing. The diesel engine is fit with a motor/generator to charge the capacitor when required, and to rapidly increase engine RPM from an ultra-low idle for quick hydraulic response when boom, arm or bucket controls are activated.   

  • Special hybrid control logic increases boom up and arm out multifunction speed
  • New temperature-controlled viscous fan clutch reduces parasitic load and sound levels
  • New KOMTRAX 5.0, shown on a large, 7-in. color monitor
  • New Operator ID system records machine operating data for up to 100 individual ID codes
  • Six working modes – P, E, L, B, Att-P, Att-E – offers customizable performance and efficiency
  • Energy-saving guidance incorporated into the monitor
  • 269 hp, 8.85-L Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 diesel engine
  • Auto idle and idle shutdown systems reduce fuel use and nonproductive idle time
  • Komatsu CARE program for three years or 2,000 hours includes scheduled maintenance, plus two complimentary Komatsu DPF exchanges and two DEF-tank flushes in the first five years
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