Hitachi EX1200-7 Excavator

Fuel Consumption Optimization technologies improve total fuel economy by 6%

Hitachi Ex1200 7 R4x000306 Rrd

The EX1200-7 excavator features Fuel Consumption Optimization (FCO) technologies that improve total fuel economy by 6% (compared to the EX1200-6) through engine and hydraulic system improvements. 

  • Cummins Tier 4 Final engine with DEF, plus auto-idle to reduce engine speed and save on fuel consumption
  • 9.2-cu.-yd. bucket capacity (+4.5%)
  • Improved hydraulic system with flow regeneration valve to reduce power requirements from the hydraulic system and engine
  • Undercarriage includes three single-sided upper rollers on each side of the track frame that help maintain track shoe clearance and reduce debris buildup
  • Welded, full-box section design boom and arm evenly distribute stress and provide ease of maintenance
  • Optional auto-lubrication system for a bulk excavation front attachment
  • Cab rests on six-point, support-type, fluid-filled elastic mounts
  • Improved track link design mitigates premature failure of the master pin while oil-filled idlers and rollers eliminate the need for daily lubrication
  • Pressurized cab with climate-controlled air conditioning, weight-adjusting cushioned seat, large, multi-functional display with an LED backlight and optional sun visor and roll screen
  • Optional Aerial Angle system features a display monitor that combines a set of images captured by cameras positioned at different locations around the machine

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