Caterpillar Next Gen 317 and 317 GC Excavators

The 317 features multiple standard Cat technologies to boost operating efficiencies by up to 45%, while the 317 GC lowers maintenance costs by up to 20%.

Cat Next Gen 317 And 317 Gc Bucket
Caterpill 10210679

The Cat 317 and 317 GC 17-ton class Next Gen excavators boast improved machine performance, increased efficiencies and lower owning and operating costs than previous models. Offering more power and performance, the 317 features multiple standard Cat technologies to boost operating efficiencies by up to 45%. The versatile 317 GC lowers maintenance costs by up to 20%. 

Three available engine operating modes are available to match performance to the job. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to working conditions to improve efficiency, while ECO mode minimizes fuel consumption on less demanding applications. Available for the 317, Power mode constantly provides maximum power and productivity for the most demanding projects.

The responsive hydraulic system balances the need for power and efficiency to deliver precise digging. A new main valve control eliminates the need for pilot lines, reduces pressure losses and lowers fuel consumption. Both models come standard with Advansys bucket tips.

Cat Next Gen 317 And 317 Gc PipeStandard Cat Grade Assist automates boom, stick and bucket movements so operators can effortlessly stay on grade with single lever digging. Cat Grade with 2D automatically guides depth, slope and horizontal distance to grade through the touchscreen monitor, making even less experienced operators more accurate. The system is readily upgradable to Cat Grade with Advance 2D or Cat Grade with 3D.

Operators receive on-the-go weighing and real-time payload estimates through the Cat Payload technology standard on the Cat 317 model. All critical operating data such as payload summaries, fuel usage and fault codes are captured by standard Product Link technology and accessed by fleet managers and office personnel via Vision Link and the Cat App to boost fleet management efficiency. Cat Remote Services technologies leverage reported telematics data from the 317 to allow Cat dealers to remotely keep the excavator operating at maximum production and efficiency. 

The new spacious cabs feature a low-profile design plus large front, rear and side windows, significantly improving visibility compared to the F series models. The 317 GC comes standard with the Cat comfort cab, while the 317 offers the choice between deluxe and premium cab designs. Standard rearview and right-hand sideview cameras further improve visibility of the operating area. The Cat 317 can be upgraded to 360° visibility to see objects and personnel around the excavator in a single view. Enhanced sounds suppression lowers interior noise levels for increased operator comfort, while the new standard radio’s Bluetooth connectivity allows operators to make hands-free calls.

Extended and more synchronized maintenance intervals for the 317 and 317 GC lower maintenance costs by up to 20% over the previous series. A new hydraulic oil filter delivers improved filtration and a 50% longer, 3,000-hour change interval. System longevity is improved through new anti-drain valves that keep the hydraulic oil clean during filter replacement. Filter life and maintenance intervals are easily tracked on the in-cab LCD monitor. All checkpoints, including oil, are easily accessible from ground level. Cat Next Gen 317 And 317 Gc Chart

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