Hitachi Introduces ZX50U-5N Compact Excavator in North America

Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has unveiled the ZX50U-5N excavator, a compact machine with full-size features.

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Hitachi Construction Machinery Americas has unveiled the  ZX50U-5N excavator, a compact machine with full-size features. With its reduced tail-swing design, the compact, 10,560-lb. ZX50U-5N is designed for working in congested areas. An independent swing boom and 360-degree rotation allow set up almost anywhere.

Unobstructed visibility and control allow for ease of operation around existing utilities. This excavator is designed for trenching, excavating, loading trucks and other tasks in wide-open spaces.

The ZX50U-5N offers height and reach to get up and over truck sideboards with a maximum reach of 19 ft., 7 in. (5.96m). It also provides a maximum dig depth of 11 ft., 7 in. (3.53m). A backfill blade allows the excavator to fill or grade while an optional all-hydraulic blade angles 25 degrees left or right, for even more efficient grading and backfilling.

Compact excavators are commonly used as tool carriers with a range of attachments. A standard quick-coupler-equipped, boom-mounted auxiliary line makes attachment hookup on the ZX50U-5N a snap. An auxiliary function lever (AFL) is available with an analog switch, trigger switch and horn for running attachments such as a breaker or an attachment with swing.

The power mode provides higher engine speeds for most general digging work, while the economy mode reduces engine speed for lighter digging jobs. This results in lower noise and decreased fuel consumption. The excavator also uses the Hitachi Triple H (HHH) hydraulic system, which enables combined operations by adjusting the optimal flow rate for all actuators. 

A Tier 4 Final compliant, direct-injected Yanmar engine produces 36.3 net hp (27.1 kW) while remaining fuel efficient and  quiet. The engine provides a high torque level for more pull-through power.

The operator station has a wide entryway. Swing boom and foldable travel pedals are positioned to operate easily and allow plenty of foot room. 

A 3.5-inch (88.9mm) LCD monitor keeps the operator informed of vital information while allowing fingertip control of several functions, including auto-shutdown and power/economy modes.

The cab includes an automatic, high velocity, bi-level climate-control system with automotive-style adjustable louvers to help keep the glass clear.

Oil-impregnated HN bushings are used on the boom, arm and bucket joints for increased durability. Heavy-duty X-frames provide a base that resists material and dirt buildup. A single-pin swing post increases the structural integrity of the digging components.

The rubber tracks on the ZX50U-5N feature a steel core that resists cracking. Large-diameter drive sprockets and track idlers further increase undercarriage durability.

A V-shaped cylinder guard provides added protection to the boom cylinder. To prevent damage to the upper structure, a D-section frame skirt improves upward impact resistance by 20% over previous models.

A hinged door provides wide-open access to the side-by-side oil cooler and radiator core for easier cleanout. Routine checks, such as engine oil level, are quickly accomplished from ground level. A hydraulic fluid sight gauge and see-through coolant reservoir allow the operator to check at a glance.

Adjusting proper track tension only requires a grease gun and a wrench. A large fuel tank, 500- and 2,000-hour engine and hydraulic oil service, and 500-hour greasing intervals enable these excavators to work long hours between scheduled service intervals.

The operator station tilts forward 50 degrees, simplifying access to the swing motor, hydraulic control valve, engine starter motor and alternator.

To reduce the cost of repair, the traditional curved glass used in the cab has been exchanged with more easily obtainable flat glass.

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