Komatsu America Corp. Introduces Hybrid PC200LC-8 Excavator

The new Hybrid PC200LC-8 excavator delivers power and efficiency, while reducing environmental impact as compared to Komatsu's standard model.

ROLLING MEADOWS, IL - Komatsu America Corp. announces the introduction of the Hybrid PC200LC-8 excavator into the North American market.  The new Hybrid PC200LC-8 delivers a machine with power and efficiency, while reducing environmental impact as compared to the company's standard model.

Substantial "green" impact
By developing a successful hybrid excavator in the largest construction machine segment (20-22 ton), Komatsu's green technology will have a substantial impact on saving fuel and reducing green house emissions.

Hybrid excavator technology
Powered by the Komatsu Hybrid System, the Hybrid PC200LC-8 uses a newly developed electric swing motor, power generator motor, capacitor and diesel engine. Komatsu developed its hybrid system to work on the principle of swing energy regeneration and energy storage using the Komatsu Ultra Capacitor system.  Komatsu's Ultra Capacitors provide fast energy storage and instantaneous power transmission.

The kinetic energy generated during the swing braking phase is converted to electricity which is sent through an inverter and then captured by the Ultra Capacitor. This   captured energy is then discharged very quickly for upper structure rotation and to assist the engine as commanded by the hybrid controller when accelerating under work load conditions.

In tests comparing the standard PC200LC-8 hydraulic excavator to the Hybrid PC200LC-8, the hybrid model reduced fuel consumption by approximately 25-40%, depending on the application.

The specs
The Hybrid PC200LC-8 is powered by the turbocharged and air-to-air after-cooled Komatsu SAA4D107E-1 which provides138HP. With an operating weight of 43,643 to 47,260 pounds, the Hybrid PC200LC-8 has a bucket capacity of 0.66 - 1.57 yd3. The Hybrid
PC200LC- has the same vigorous working forces and performance levels of the conventional PC200LC-8.

The cab design assures operator comfort because the viscous cab damper mounts reduce vibration. A 7" LCD monitor provides easy-to-read gauges and onboard diagnostics as well as displaying the rear-view monitoring system for viewing the work area to rear of the machine.

KOMTRAX on board
The Hybrid PC200LC-8 is also equipped with the latest KOMTRAX technology which sends machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Data such as operating hours, fuel consumption, machine location and machine utilization are relayed to the web application for analysis.  The KOMTRAX fleet monitoring system increases machine availability, reduces the risk of machine theft and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency.

Additional information about the hybrid excavator
The Hybrid PC200LC-8 excavator was introduced to the Japanese market in June 2008, and has been successful in reducing fuel consumption. In addition, Komatsu introduced the Hybrid to the Chinese market in August this year.

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