EH5000AC-3 Rigid-frame Hauler

First hauler to feature the new Advanced Hitachi AC Drive System

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Hitachi introduced its largest rigid-frame hauler, the EH5000AC-3, at the MINExpo trade show in Las Vegas. It is the first hauler to feature the company’s Advanced Hitachi AC Drive System.

The EH5000AC-3 is powered by a Cummins QSKTTA60-CE diesel engine that generates 2,850 hp at 1,900 rpm and meets EPA Tier 2 emission requirements. The all-hydraulic actuated braking system provides precise braking control and quick system responses, and a new system monitor provides display information and diagnostics of all onboard systems and controls.

The most significant update, however, is the hauler’s new AC drive system. It features:

  • Slip control for traction – similar to active traction control
  • Slide control for grip – similar to an anti-lock brake system
  • Pitch control for smoother ride control and control of bouncing when stopping
  • Skid control for stability in cornering when road conditions are slippery

While slip and slide control were already available on the existing Hitachi trucks with AC Drive Systems, the Advanced Hitachi AC Drive System now features sensors on all four wheels. It also incorporates additional feedback from the drive system, front wheels, steering, suspension, and other systems on the truck to enhance the slip/slide control feature. Pitch and skid control are new features.

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