Shop Equipment July 2008

Shop Equipment

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2412 parts washer


  • Top-load automatic parts washer
  • 24-inch-wide rotating turntable with 500-lb. capacity
  • 1/2-hp close-coupled, sealed pump deliver 20 gpm and 22 psi
  • Automatic low-water shutoff protection
  • Debris prevention screen


Karcher-Cuda Parts Washers

FilterFlat Oil Filter Crusher


The FilterFlat oil filter crusher converts used oil filters into recyclable metal and oil.

  • Simply place on a work bench or table and connect to shop air
  • Exerts 24,000 lbs. of crushing force
  • Can crush a 9-in.-tall filter to less than 2 in. in 45 seconds
  • Safety interlock door
  • Little maintenance required


Newstripe Inc.

Oil Products


Stens Industrial carries various types of two- and four-cycle oils for a number of applications.

  • Sten Mix multi-ratio oil increases horsepower, reduces fume emissions, extends engine life and contains anti-corrosion properties to protect equipment after sitting idle for extended periods of time.
  • Bar and chain oil, gear oil, gas stabilizer and numerous types of grease also available


Stens Corporation

Port-A-Lite 1250W2 Light Stand


  • 1,250-watt SHO lamp fixture for high light output
  • Two-wheel base for easy portability
  • Sturdy, welded steel frame
  • Extends to height of 10 ft.
  • Light adjusts in all directions


Allmand Bros Inc.

Ready to Rent tags


  • Durable waterproof tags demonstrate that equipment has been checked and serviced and is ready for rental
  • Meets insurance company requirements
  • Multi-colored for quick identification


Sotcher Measurement Inc.

Safety Seal Tire Repair Kit


The Safety Seal "on the wheel" tire repair kit is designed to permanently repair flats without removing the tire from the rim or from the vehicle.

  • Creates a perfect seal at the inner liner
  • Repairs punctures up to 1.4-in. in all tubeless tires
  • Available in Auto/Light Truck, Large Truck and Heavy Equipment sizes
  • Each kit contains T-handle insertion tool, T-handle probing tool, safety seal repairs, special lube and extra insertion needle


Northshore Laboratories Corp.

Streamline Shop Series


  • Handles up to 60 gal. of new and used fluids
  • Vacuums hot, used oil at rates up to 8 gpm
  • Enclosed system eliminates spills and contamination
  • Filter Stinger vacuums used oil from filter before its spun off
  • Used filter receptacle


Sage Oil Vac

Typhoon Portable Wash Station


  • Portable, self-contained wash station needs no special plumbing or special permits
  • Pressure washer gun gives 360-degree washing access from outside wash rack
  • Built-in access ramp closes automatically, becoming a fourth wall to keep overspray on the rack and off your shop floor
  • Maintenance is minimal since theres no filter to change
  • Collected debris cycles into a disposal barrel; water replenishment can be handled with a hose; automatic alert signals if water level gets too low


Riveer Company