Perkins Industrial Open Power Unit Engine Line Offers Repower Alternative to Tier 4 Final

New Perkins Tier 3 replacement engines for small and mid-size off-highway equipment now available through Perkins Pacific

Perkins Pacific, a master distributor of Perkins Engines and leading supplier of off-highway OEMs in the Western U.S., announces the launch of three new Perkins Industrial Open Power Unit (IOPU) 1100 Series replacement engines. Available for the first time in years, the EPA-rated Tier 3 engines offer small and mid-size off-highway equipment a new engine repower alternative to Tier 4 Final engines.

The engines offer significant cost savings over alternative repower options and are designed with size in mind to be optimal for equipment repowers. Perkins IOPU engines can replace most engine brands at Tier 3 or below emissions level, making them a more environmentally-friendly option. Each is available in multiple build configurations to match the needs of individual OEMs and operators.

The new IOPU models are:

  • 1104D-E44TA: 96.5 kW/129.4 hp; utilizes the latest common-rail fuel system
  • 1104D-44TA: 83.0 kW/111.3 hp; includes an advanced diesel mechanical fuel system
  • 1104D-44T: 74.5 Kw/99.9 hp; includes an advanced diesel mechanical fuel system

Material-handling, agriculture and construction equipment will benefit from the 1100 Series’ lower operating costs and reduced noise. The IOPU’s easy-to-install configuration means less equipment downtime for integration and equipment can get back to work rapidly. The design of the engines frequently allows them to replace older engines without additional engineering costs.

The national IOPU program is being led by Perkins Pacific and the new engines are available from Perkins distributors and dealers throughout the U.S. Each is built on Perkins’ new high-tech production line and comes with a complete fuel system, air cleaner and radiator fitted as standard, along with a mechanical or electronic control system.

“This new engine offering is very timely and fulfills a drop-in repower need by customers for compact engines used in off-highway applications,” said Leighton Morgan, Perkins 1100 Series marketing manager.