Liebherr Hydraulic Cylinder Series

Designed for operation in mobile and stationary applications under harsh environmental conditions

Liebherr Hydraulic Cylinders Attachment Cylinder 300dpi 591c9cc9499c8

Designed for dynamic loads, this hydraulic cylinder series is suited for pressure ranges up to 5,076 psi (5,511 psi optional) and operation under harsh environmental conditions. 

  • Double-acting differential cylinders can be used in mobile or in industrial environments
  • Offer predefined rod diameters of 2.56 to 5.91 in. and 20 different piston diameters from 3.94 to 8.66 in.
  • Strokes of up to 90.55 in. can be achieved, with option to expand each hydraulic cylinder variant
  • Range of cushioning systems, piston rod coatings and integrated sensors available
  • Dual sealing concept reduces “stick-slip” effect, prevents leakage and ensures low maintenance
  • Bearing positions designed for use in static and dynamic applications
  • Optimized lubrication surfaces ensure good emergency running characteristics
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