Squeeze Every Last Cent from Your Oil

Proper lubricant management will help you from throwing away valuable lubricant and wasting money

Noria Squeezing Oil Value
Noria Corporation

Article originally published on Noria.com

How much value do you get from a drop of oil? Consider not just the raw cost of the oil, but rather the total benefit that one drop of oil or grease provides over its anticipated life. For argument sake, let’s say that a drop has the potential to provide $1 of value before it needs changing.

How much of that $1 value do you actually recoup? Ninety cents? Eighty cents? If you’re constantly adding new make-up oil due to leakage, changing oil too frequently, stressing the oil oxidatively through elevated operating temperatures or pumping grease until it comes out of the seals, you’re throwing away valuable lubricant and wasting money.

So how can you extract every last cent of value from that drop of oil? The answer is a careful lubricant management and conservation program, encompassing a well-engineered, strategized approach to maximizing lubricant life.

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