Atlas Copco Synthetic Compressor Oils

Advanced formula synthetic compressor oils - PAROIL S and PAROIL S xtreme - now available from Atlas Copco.

COMMERCE CITY, CO - PAROIL S and PAROIL S xtreme from Atlas Copco help ensure that air compressors maintain optimum levels of performance while reducing operating costs. These new and improved formulas not only offer the most advanced protection to the critical components of a compressor, but also provide durability in severe conditions, including very high pressure and pipeline applications.

PAROIL S and PAROIL S xtreme are fully synthetic premium quality oils that offer a high viscosity index. The quality lubricator additives allow for oil change intervals of 1,000 hours without any loss in performance or compressor longevity.

PAROIL S has been formulated to meet the demands of air compressors working in severe conditions. Although primarily designed for high-pressure applications, PAROIL S can be used in all Atlas Copco portable air compressors operating in ambient temperatures between - 13° F and 122° F.

Atlas Copco's PAROIL S xtreme is designed to provide optimum levels of performance and protection for all compressors, including two-stage, in applications up to 507-psi operating continuously in ambient temperatures above 86° F.

PAROIL S and PAROIL S xtreme provide ideal oxidation resistance to keep compressors clean on the inside and to prevent contaminants from clogging the filter elements. Both oils facilitate separation and drainage of condensation in the compressor, which protects against corrosion and formation of harmful deposits. Balanced composition of the anti-foam and air release keeps the oil clean and prevents blocking of the oil separator, guaranteeing a low oil carryover.

Both PAROIL S and PAROIL S xtreme have undergone extensive laboratory and field endurance tests on Atlas Copco equipment and have been proven to meet compressor demands in varied conditions. PAROIL S and PAROIL S xtreme meet stringent quality control specifications to ensure your equipment will run smoothly and reliably.

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