Plews/Edelmann LubriMagic Biobased Lubricant

Vegetable-based lubricant formula ideal for construction equipment and other building applications.

DIXON, IL - Plews/Edelmann now offers LubriMagic - a biobased all-purpose lubricant and penetrant. Made from a vegetable-based formula, LubriMagic is biodegradable and has four times the natural lubricity of petroleum-based products.

LubriMagic is ideal for hundreds of construction and building applications. It provides ideal lubrication on nuts and bolts, rollers or hinges, electric power tools, construction equipment and much more. In addition, it is also an effective rust inhibitor. Because it is made from vegetable oils, it is an environmentally friendly lubricant.

LubriMagic is available in five convenient sizes. Plews/Edelmann also offers a full line of biobased greases and oils under the LubriMatic Green name.

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