HCSS Launches Equipment360 Construction Equipment Maintenance Software Program

Construction equipment maintenance software lowers costs and increases utilization for a company's equipment fleet.

SUGAR LAND TX - The new Equipment360construction equipment maintenance software program from HCSS enables construction companies to manage their entire maintenance operation, thus lowering costs and increasing utilization of each piece of equipment.    

Equipment360 tracks construction equipment maintenance schedules for trucks, bulldozers, scrapers and other company equipment.  That helps the company perform timely maintenance that reduces downtime, lowers fuel consumption, avoids costly jobsite repairs and enhances equipment resale value.  Performance metrics in Equipment360 identify unreliable equipment that should be sold. 

The product provides an itemized cost history for each piece of equipment and a work order management system that provides a framework for capturing labor and parts costs.  It stores that information in an easy-to-find format.  Mechanics enter their time directly into the system, thus avoiding errors and double entry; mechanic timecards can be reviewed and approved before they're exported electronically to the company's accounting system, thus saving time and money.

Money-Back Guarantee
Equipment360is covered by the HCSSmoney-back guarantee that applies to all of its software products.  The guarantee has one simple condition:  the customer must take the recommended amount of training.  If the customer decides to return the product for any reason within 12 months after the purchase and subsequent training, the cost of the software will be refunded in full. The training cost is non-refundable.