Delo 400 LE Synthetic SAE 5W-30

Chevron Delo 400 Le Synthetic 10781443
Logochevron 10738390

This mixed-fleet gasoline and diesel motor oil is recommended for engines in which the API CJ-4 or API SN service categories and SAE 5W-30 viscosity grade are recommended.

  • Suited for heavy- and medium-duty trucks operating both on- and off-highway
  • Designed to meet the demands of EGR, EGR/SCR and other diesel engine technologies
  • Can deliver up to a 4.5% fuel economy improvement over 15W-40 viscosity oils
  • Consistent cold engine starting
  • Protects against wear and corrosion
  • Compatible with low sulfur and ultra low sulfur diesel fuels, gasoline, most gasoline fuel blends and many biofuel formulations
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