Comet GP-730A Clutch Lube

Comet GP-730A Clutch Lube is a dry film lube that works wonders for clutch systems.

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Comet GP-730A Clutch Lube is a dry film lube designed for use in clutch systems.

  • Bonds to most ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as plastics, fibrous, wood, glass, rubber and many other friction surfaces
  • Performs well even under heavy load and extreme pressure
  • Non-corrosive, inert to water, oil and many acids, solvents and alkalis
  • Contains no oil, grease, wax or silicone
  • Will not attract dust or dirt
  • Greatly lowers metal-to-metal contact and reduces power consumption and torque loss
  • 11.oz. net weight aerosol can
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