Track Hoe Track Cleaning Tool

Track Hoe scrapes dirt and mud from areas of equipment where a shovel won't fit

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The durable Track Hoe tool is a fast and easy way to clean all your tracked equipment daily. It cleans around most carrier rollers, scraping dirt and mud from areas where a shovel won't fit. It can be used on most excavators, dozers, pipe layers, side booms, track loaders, track skid steers, front end shovels and other tracked equipment. 

  • Works for both large and small equipment
  • Design allows fast and easy removal of dirt with less residue buildup on tool
  • Push and pull dirt and mud
  • Made of powder-coated industrial strength metal with a 1.5-in. wooden handle
  • Clean under final drives on high track equipment
  • Fits into tighter areas around driver and idler ends of tracks

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