Riveer Treatment Systems (RTS)

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Riveer Treatment Systems are a series of water recycling units which recover dirty wash water from a concrete or steel containment pad and run it through various stages of filtration so it may be reused to wash equipment. Each level of RTS was designed to process a higher level of oils and solids. For light oils and solids, an RTS 500 would do; but for heavy oils and solids, you may require an RTS 5000.

  • Integrate with a Riveer Wash Rack and washing products for a closed loop, turnkey system
  • Easy to operate and maintain, start/stop system with GripStart - pull trigger on pressure washer to power up, let go to power down
  • Stainless steel weir tank to prevent corrosion
  • PLC controlled, system is on timers for continuous 24/7 recirculation
  • Continuous ozone injection to fight odor-causing bacterias
  • Oil coalesking and skimming
  • Skid-mounted or enclosed in a 20-ft. all-weather ISO container
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