Rotochopper B-66 L-Series Grinder

B66 L Northfield Mn 18 1
Rotochopp 10139822

The B-66 L-Series horizontal grinder is designed to meet the needs of grinding larger, more abrasive feedstock materials and engineered to increase overall production rates with unmatched efficiency.

  • Lower, longer and less drag infeed hopper tackles the toughest grinding jobs with ease
  • Newly designed aggressive powerfeed pulls materials into the grinding chamber effortlessly and the 38-in. throat opening accommodates some of the toughest material including, large logs, whole trees and brushy feedstocks
  • Remote monitoring, through Rotochopper’s RotoLink system, provides reporting and tracking data to ensure consistent efficiency, predict maintenance needs and reduce downtime
  • Can be powered by either a 950 or 1050 hp diesel engine      

[VIDEO] Rotochopper B-66 L-Series Grinding Logs and Brush

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