Portable Spirit Wash Plant

Superior Industries' Portable Spirit Wash Plant incorporates low profile dewatering screens and a series of hydraulically-powered components to ensure the plant is road permissible and quick to deploy

Superior Wash Plant
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Superior Industries' Portable Spirit Wash Plant features the 6x20 Guardian Horizontal Screen and a sand production module and ultrafines recovery module with the capability of producing as many as five products.

  • Material is fed to a slurry box, which liquifies it to improve the screening and stratification processes
  • Three-deck horizontal screen washes and sizes three products from a top, middle or bottom deck
  • Leftover sand is processed through one of two Spirits Wash Modules consisting of one or more Helix Cyclones followed by a dewatering screen
  • First wash module uses a cyclone to size and separate material for a traditional sand product; dewatering screen ensures it’s instantly salable off the discharge chute
  • Optional ultra fines recovery module washes out -100 to -400 fines for microfine material
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