Trimble Introduces PCS900 Paving Control System to Improve the Rideability of New and Resurfaced Roads

3D Paving Control System helps contractors achieve excellent road quality

SUNNYVALE, CA - Trimble introduces the Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System, an automatic 3D screed control system that can significantly improve paving productivity and the rideability of road and airport surfaces by directly referencing the road design.

Using the PCS900, contractors can produce final paved surfaces with smoothed seams and significantly fewer waves.

Paving contractors can accurately pave complex designs without a reference surface or stringline using the PCS900. This saves the time and effort of setting and adjusting stringlines and eliminates the need for haul trucks to drive around the stringlines. The operator just loads design data into the system and the machine automatically keeps the screed on design.

PCS900 Improves Rideability and Minimizes Asphalt Usage on New Road and Resurfacing Projects

Trimble PCS900 helps contractors achieve excellent rideability results, minimize asphalt usage, and finish projects on time and budget. It is well suited for both new road and resurfacing production paving applications, such as highways, state roads, airports and large commercial surfaces.

On new roads, base material must be laid accurately to increase the material yield and profitability of the ensuing asphalt or concrete laying operation. By paving the base to design correctly the first time with PCS900, contractors can save on the cost of rework and additional material.

On resurfacing jobs, road-waves can be reduced or eliminated by paving in 3D to a smooth design, allowing the contractor to gain their rideability bonus.

Excellent Return on Investment through Reuse of Existing Components

The Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System can be installed on top of the MOBA-Matic CAN paving control system. By doing so, the contractor can reuse a current MOBA system investment and still benefit from the Trimble PCS900 platform.

Trimble PCS900 is a 3D extension to the 2D Trimble PCS400 Paving Control System. The paving contractor can easily switch from grade and slope (2D) mode to 3D mode, depending on the requirements of each individual project. The PCS400 and PCS900 combination provides the customer the choice between sonic sensors, slope sensor, sonic averaging beam, 3D slope and 3D elevation control on each side of the screed.

Heavy and highway contractors can also leverage key Trimble grade control components on asphalt pavers-allowing both new and existing users to realize a higher and more rapid return on their investment in Trimble technology. With expansion of the 3D machine control mix to include pavers, contractors can now use their SPS Series Universal Total Station and move their Trimble GCS900 Grade Control System display, radio and sensors between dozers, graders, excavators, soil compactors, milling machines, trimmers, and asphalt pavers.

The Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System can be mounted on a variety of new or used asphalt paving machines, regardless of manufacturer. The 3D-based PCS900 system can be flexibly configured with a combination of sonic tracers, slope sensors, averaging beam and contact sensors. Trimble's system components are designed rugged and durable for the tough asphalt paving conditions. All components have an IP67 rating to protect against dust and water.

The Trimble PCS900 is now available through Trimble's worldwide Heavy and Highway Construction distribution channel.

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